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Clubhouse Integration

Clubhouse integration makes it easy to file stories into Clubhouse from an active incident in Kintaba.

Create a new API token in Clubhouse

Browse to your profile settings and click the "API TOKEN" link in the left menu.

Name your token "Kintaba" (or a memorable name). This token will be used to provide Kintaba access to your Clubhouse instance.

Copy the token text that's generated, you'll need it in the next steps.

Browse to the integrations panel

Kintaba integrations manage programmatic access to your incidents. To create a new integration, you'll first need to access the Integrations section of the Admin panel.

Add the Clubhouse Integration

Click the "Add Integration" button on the Clubhouse item in the integrations library.

Create a Clubhouse Story from within a Kintaba Incident

Once connected, you can click the "Create Story" button from an incident's right bar to create a new Clubhouse story.

You can then create a Clubhouse story right from Kintaba!

The issue creation will be recorded in the activity log.

And the created issue will have a link back to the Kintaba instance in its footer.

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Clubhouse Integration

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