Creating an Incident

There are three ways to easily create a new incident within Kintaba.

  • Manually within Kintaba
  • Via Slack
  • Via API

Creating a new Incident with Kintaba

Creating an incident is meant to be as simple as possible in Kintaba. Simply click the "New Incident' button in the leftbar to start the process.


The New Incident dialog will appear and an incident only requires a few pieces of information to get started. Click "Create" when you're done and the incident will be created, an IMOC assigned, and you will be the initial owner.


Creating a new Incident with Slack

With the Kintaba slack integration installed, type /kintaba create within your slack instance to create a new Kintaba incident and connected Slack channel.

For more details, see the detailed Slack Integration documentation.

Creating a new incident with the API

Kintaba supports a full suite of GraphQL endpoints to be managed via API. See the Getting Started with the API documentation to begin!