Datadog Integration

Datadog integration makes it easy to include live datadog charts in your activity log

Create a new API token in Datadog

Browse to the "Team" link in the leftbar and then select "Application Keys" from the top of the page.

From here, you can select "New Key" to generate a new API key.


Name the key something you'll remember, like "Kintaba".


You'll now see the key in your list. You can click it to open the key's details.


Browse to the integrations panel

Kintaba integrations manage programmatic access to your incidents. To create a new integration, you'll first need to access the Integrations section of the Admin panel.


Add the Datadog Integration

Click the "Add Integration" button on the Datadog item in the integrations library.


Then add the API key data from Datadog to complete the integration.


Add a datadog chart to an active incident's activity log

Once integrated, Datadog charts can be accessed via the @-menu in the


Once selected, a chart will show up in the activity log and continue to update in real time!