Incident Status

Statuses define the progress of an incident through its lifecycle. In Kintaba, there are 4 valid statuses for each incident

OpenThe incident is ongoing and is having an active impact on users.
MitigatedThe incident is ongoing but customers are no longer impacted, usually thanks to temporary or stop-gap efforts.
ClosedThe incident is resolved and a long-term resolution has been implemented with little to no risk or short-term resurgence.
InvalidThe incident is excluded from reports and the postmortem process due to being incorrectly filed or irrelevant.

Setting Status

Incident status is set within the incident page itself by changing the STATUS dropdown in the upper-right corner.


Changing Status in Slack

Incident statuses in Slack can be updated through the /kintaba update command or the /kintaba mitigate and /kintaba close commands.