Integrations Overview

Kintaba supports a series of built-in integrations and also custom integration capability through our API.


Admins only!

Only administrators can add, remove, and configure integrations. For information on setting users to administrator, refer to our Employees guide for administrators.

Enabling a built-in integration

As an administrator, click the Integrations link in your left-hand nav pane.


From here you can scroll down to the integrations library and select new integrations to add to your Kintaba instance.


Managing and configuring previously added integrations

Active integrations within your instance will show up in a list at the top of the integrations page under the Active Integrations heading.


Clicking on a specific active integration will open the integration's settings where you can change integration-specific configuration options.


Removing active integrations

Click the Remove Integration button from within an active incident's configuration screen to remove it from your instance.