Jira Integration (on-premise)

Jira integration makes it easy to file issues into Jira from an active incident in Kintaba.

Browse to the integrations panel

Kintaba integrations manage programmatic access to your incidents. To create a new integration, you'll first need to access the Integrations section of the Admin panel.


Add the Jira On Premise Integration

Click the "Add Integration" button on the Jira Onsite Server item in the integrations library.


Enter your Jira Server Domain and copy the Kintaba Public key to your clipboard. You will need it in the next step.


Prepare the Application Link in Jira


Jira Administrator Access Required

You must have administrator access on your Jira instance to perform these steps

First, access the "Applications" section of Jira Administration via the gear in the upper right corner of your Jira dashboard.


Next, click on the "Application Links" section in the left navigation bar. and enter *https://app.kintaba.com and click the "Create new link" button.


Click "Continue" when prompted for a new URL.


On the Link Applications screen:

  • Application Name: Kintaba
  • Application Type: Generic Application
  • Create incoming link: checked

All other fields can be left blank


Finally, on the second configurtion screen, enter:

  • Consumer Key: OauthKey
  • Consumer Name: Kintaba
  • Public Key:

Click Continue and the application link will be created!


Finalize the integration in Kintaba

Return to the Kintaba Integration page in your other tab and click the "ADD" button


You will be prompted to approve access to the Kintaba app.


Click "Allow". The Jira integration is now complete!

Create a Jira Issue from within a Kintaba Incident

Once connected, you can click the "Create Issue" button from an incident's right bar to create a new Jira issue.


You can then create a Jira issue right from Kintaba!


The issue creation will be recorded in the activity log.


And the created issue will have a link back to the Kintaba instance in its footer.


Master Issues

Kintaba can create a master Jira task that will become the parent to all action items created during the incident.

To activate this feature, check the "Automatically create master issue for each incident" checkbox in the Jira integration settings.