Milestones record critical moments in your incident timeline.

Milestones can be recorded for any time in the past or future and adding one creates two entries in your activity log: one for the actual milestone, placed at the selected date and time, and another that records the creation of the milestone, placed in realtime, giving you a full audit log not only of the milestone itself, but of the action of creating that entry.

Adding a new milestone

Adding a milestone is easy, click your avatar on the left-side of the composer in the incident command center, and change your composing mode from Comment to Milestone.


The milestone composer will let you select a day and time for the milestone, along with a comment describing it.


Milestones are recorded in the activity log in 2 ways:

  1. The milestone itself, placed at the approopriate time and date within the log
  2. The activity log item recording the creation of the milestone, placed in realtime at the moment of creation

Recalling Milestones in the Postmortem

Within the postmortem, Milestones can be added from the "Widgets" section of the "/" command


Once added, the milestone list will appear and will automatically update if new milestones are added or existing milestones are edited.


Milestones in Postmortem Templates

Milestones may also be added to the postmortem template to make sure they're a consistent part of your postmortem flow.