PagerDuty Integration

The Kintaba PagerDuty integration allows you to sync certain pagerduty services to Kintaba and to make Pagerduty oncall schedules avaialble in Kintaba.

You can also trigger PagerDuty services via an Automation Action

Browse to the integrations panel

Kintaba integrations manage programmatic access to your incidents. To create a new integration, you'll first need to access the Integrations section of the Admin panel.

Add the PagerDuty integration

Click the "Add Integration" button on pagerduty in the integrations library.

Select your integration features

Choose whether you would like to integrate incidents and/or oncalls. You will be able to configure specific services for incident sync in the next step.

Configure services to sync incidents

Once connected to PagerDuty, you will be forwarded to the Edit Integration page where you can select which PagerDuty services you would like to sync.

Oncall Sync

If selected, oncall rotations from PagerDuty will now show up in user typeaheads within incidents so you don't have to replicate those oncalls in Kintaba.

Pagerduty automation action

Pagerduty services can also be called via automations by selecting the "Pagerduty" action within an automation configuration.

See our automation documentation to get started!

All done!

That's it! Now whenever a new event is recorded for any of the connected services within PagerDuty, a new Kintaba incident will also be created.