The Postmortem Editor

Kintaba takes the work out of writing postmortems by automatically pairing it with the incident activity log, connecting you to easy to edit templates, and automatically distributing the document to everyone involved in the incident.

Writing the Postmortem after an Incident is Closed

When an incident is closed, the titlebar of the incident is updated to have a new button titled "POSTMORTEM" with a status of "NOT STARTED".


Postmortem Editor Features

The postmortem editor is meant to be a flexible and easy to use space where you can freely write and format your postmortem.


The editor supports:

  • Lists (bullet and numbered)
  • Automatic Linkification
  • In-Line Tagging
  • Bold and italic formatting

The / Command for quick formatting, images, and widgets

Typing "/" in the editor lets you quickly insert formatting, widgets, and images.



Postmortems support widgets for dynamic content.

  • The Tasks List widget shows all followup issues created in the incident within your postmortem and updates automatically based on new issues created.
  • The Starred Activities widget shows all activity log items that were starred during the course of the incident.

You can also include widgets in your templates to make sure they show up automatically for all future postmortems.

To add the a widget to a postmortem or a template, select it from the from the "Widgets" subheading in the "/" command.


Picking a Postmortem Template

Clicking the Postmortem button will launch the postmortem editor. The editor will default to the default template as set by the admin. You can pick an alternative template by clicking on "Change Template" in the right-hand column.


The incident owner has until 24 hours before the incident review is scheduled to complete the postmortem document.

Once completed, click the "Publish" button on the right bar to distribute the postmortem to all incident participants and queue the postmortem for the next review.

Managing Postmortem Templates

Admins can edit the postmortem templates available to the company through the admin pane's "Postmortem Templates" section.