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SSO Login (SAML)



You must be subscribed to the premium or enterprise plan to access this integration

SAML / SSO integration makes it easy for your company to centrally manage user access to Kintaba.

Browse to the integrations panel

Kintaba integrations manage programmatic access to your incidents. To create a new integration, you'll first need to access the Integrations section of the Admin panel.

Add the SAML Integration

Click the "Add Integration" button on the SAML item in the integrations library.

You can then fill out the Login URL, Logout URL, whether or not you want to force non-admin users to log in using SAML, and your certificate

Click "ADD" to enable this integration.

SSO Sign-In Experience

You can sign-in using SSO through two methods:

  1. Sign-in through your SSO identity provider's portal.
  2. Sign in as you regularly would on Kintaba, we'll forward you to sign-in using SSO if it's enabled for you.


Is SSO Misconfigured?

If you set up SSO incorrectly, you may not be able to sign in anymore. Administrators can access: to sign-in using passwords.

Bypassing SSO as an Admin in cases of SSO provider failure

In case of a misconfiguration or 3rd party downtime, admins may bypass the SSO login process and use a backup password by accessing:

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SSO Login (SAML)

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