Your Incident Review Schedule

Kintaba makes it easy to manage your incident review process by letting you assign a review schedule to each organization within your company.

Viewing your Review Schedule

Select the "Review Schedules" page from the left menu to open your company's review schedules.


Here you can see a simple calendar view of your existing schedule, and a list of previous and upcoming reviews.

NOTE: By default companies only have one organization, named after the company. For example in the above screenshot the organization is called "Kintaba, Inc."

Edit a Review Schedule

To update a review schedule, click on the gear icon next to the organization name


From this screen you can set the time, date, and recurrence for your review schedules.

Click the "Update" button to save your changes.

Incident Review Invites

By default, incident reviews automatically invite all participants in the incident to each review.

Incident review invites can be disabled from the Edit Review Schedule page.