Slack Integration

Connect Slack to Kintaba to make it easy to create and manage incidents from a Slack channel

Kintaba's Slack integration allows you to create and update an active incident right from Slack.


Importing Employees from Slack

To read about importing employees from Slack into your kintaba instance please refer to the Adding Employees via Slack Integration documentation.

Install The Kintaba Slack App

To connect Kintaba to Slack:

Log into Kintaba as an admin and then visit the integrations library and click the "Add Integration" button beneath the Slack item.


Kintaba will also attempt to auto-add itself to Slack the first time you click the "Create Slack Channel" button within an incident.

Announce Channel

When installing the slack integration, you will select a channel that receives updates every time a new incident in Kintaba is created. Employees can subscribe to this channel in slack to be kept up to date on emerging events.


Kintaba reporting a new incident in the slack Announce channel

Incident Channel Privacy

The privacy of incident channels can be configured to be either Public or Private.

To change this setting, simply access your Slack Integration settings and change the "Incident Channel Privacy" setting.


Slack Channel Name Format

Slack channel names can be easily customized to include an auto prefix and also an optional custom prefix by changing the appropriate fields within the Slack integration settings.


Incident Channels

All updates made in Kintaba sync to the incident's slack channel and all comments made in Slack sync directly to the incident, allowing your team a seamless choice of interfaces. Incident channels are archived after the incident is closed and the postmortem review had been completed.

Slack Command Quick Reference

Supported commands that can be used anywhere in Slack:

  • /kintaba create [optional: severity] [incident title] - creates a new incident
  • /kintaba list - lists all active incidents
  • /kintaba help - shows available commands for interacting with the Kintaba slack bot

Supported commands that can only be used from an incident's Slack channel:

  • /kintaba info - get the current incident's details
  • /kintaba update - edit the current incident's details
  • /kintaba subscribe - subscribe to the current incident's update emails
  • /kintaba reassign [@slack_user] - reassign the current incident to a new owner
  • /kintaba ping [@slack_user] - ping a user as a responder for the current incident
  • /kintaba mitigate - mark the current incident as mitigated
  • /kintaba close - mark the current incident as closed

Creating a Slack Channel for an Existing Incident

If you've already created an incident in Kintaba, you can start a new Slack channel by clicking the "Create Channel" option on the rightbar of the incident page.


Creating a New Incident from Inside Slack

To create a new incident from within slack, just type /kintaba create to launch the incident creation screen.


Fill out the form to create a new incident.

If you'd like to create an incident instantly without using the form, you can type:

/kintaba create <severity> <incident name>

and a new incident will be instantly created along with a synced Slack channel that includes the initial subscribers to the incident. Anyone added to the channel also will become a subscriber.


Updating an Active Incident from Inside Slack

To create a new incident from within slack, just type /kintaba update to launch the incident update screen.