Statuspage Integration integration makes it easy to reflect your Kintaba incidents on for your customers.

Create a new API token in Statuspage

Click the profile link in the lower-left corner of your statuspage dashboard, then click the "API Info" link to open the API keys page.


Create a new key with the "Create Key" button under "Organization API Keys".


Name your API key something memorable like "Kintaba Key" and click Confirm.


Your API key will then be generated. Copy this key to your clipboard, you'll need it shortly.


Browse to the integrations panel

Kintaba integrations manage programmatic access to your incidents. To create a new integration, you'll first need to access the Integrations section of the Admin panel.


Add the Clubhouse Integration

Click the "Add Integration" button on the Statuspage item in the integrations library.


Enter the copied API key from Statuspage into the prompt to complete the integration.


Sync an active Kintaba incident with Statuspage

Once connected, you can click the "Create Statuspage" button from an incident's right bar to add a new event to your statuspage.


You can configure which statuspage components will be affected by the incident and then review the changes that will be synced.


You will be ale to review all changes before they are synced to your statuspage.


Once committed, the changes will be recorded in the activity log.


You can then choose to update the statuspage by clicking the "UPDATE STATUSPAGE" button in the integrations rightpanel list.


Don't worry, you will always have the opportunity to review changes to your statuspage before they are published.